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There's nothing more frustrating than trying to get all your girlfriends to go out on an international trip together.

Some folks got kids, other folks can't get their schedules to line up, or their finances are tied up in other places. Whatever the reason, it's like pulling teeth.


Next thing you know, ANOTHER year has passed, and a beach hasn't seen your summer body yet. Instead, you're on the couch scrolling through Instagram, looking at Samantha from high school on yet another trip. See, but that's the thing about Samantha. She doesn't put her plans on hold because her friends can't get it together.

And here's the kicker…

She's not solo traveling, either. Instead, she uses services like our Roommate Match program to find a companion who shares her interests and tastes.

Are you ready to see the world but don't want to do it alone? Are you looking for a travel companion? Don't stress; we'll match you with the perfect roommate.

Don't stress about finding a roommate you'll like

At Melanin Luxury, we pride ourselves on making the roommate matching process super convenient and easy.


(This will change according to your process) Here's how it works:


1. Select "Book Now" on any of our trips.

2. Choose "Double Occupancy" on the reservation form.

3. Complete your payment.

4. On the thank-you page, provide your reservation notes.

5. Select "ROOMMATE MATCH" and hit "SUBMIT."

After completing steps one through five, you'll complete a questionnaire all about your likes and dislikes while traveling. Remember, you must be honest in this section because we use your answers to make the perfect match for you.


Once you've followed these steps and made a payment covering 75% of your reservation rate, we'll promptly send you an email introducing your matched roommate. We'll also share your details with them, facilitating seamless communication and connection.


Discovering your ideal travel roommate has never been simpler! Visit our website now to explore our upcoming trips and take full advantage of our Roommate Matching Program.

Discover Your Perfect Travel Partner

With our FREE Roommate Matching Program, you'll experience the true beauty of a Melanin Luxury extravaganza.


With this program, we'll match you with another solo traveler you vibe with, help you save money on your trip, and you might even find a lifelong travel buddy.


Let's be honest

Before you dive in, here are a few tips and considerations:

  • Be genuine and open about your preferences, including sharing space and any sensitivities.

  • Initiate a conversation with your assigned roommate before the trip to get to know each other.

  • Respect each other's belongings and the shared living space.

  • Maintain cleanliness and tidiness, ensuring a pleasant environment for all.

  • Be mindful of quiet hours and embrace peaceful moments.

  • Address any concerns or issues promptly and maintain open, respectful communication.

  • And, of course, don't forget your travel essentials!


Our Guarantee

We're committed to providing you with a stress-free travel experience, so we offer our Roommate Match Guarantee. If we cannot find a suitable match for you, rest assured that you'll enjoy a single room at no additional cost.

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