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Taste the Tropics

Are you ready to see what it's like to experience the Caribbean with your fellow Luxe Baddies?



Luxe Badie's Getaway

Montego Bay, Jamaica


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November 16-20th 2023

& Better

It was definitely ONE LOVE in Jamaica soooo we're going back bigger & better!!!

That's right our epic Taste the Tropics vacation is returning & it's going to be bigger than the 1st time.

Taste the Tropics

We know that sometimes, words just aren't enough to capture the magic, so we put this together to showcase our clients living their best lives on our fabulous trips!

This slideshow is a sneak peek into the adventures, laughter, and unforgettable moments you can expect when you join us on one of our Caribbean getaways. From the pristine beaches to the laughter-filled nights, you'll see firsthand how we sprinkle that Black Girl Magic on every trip we plan.

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage, sit back, and get ready to be inspired by our amazing group experiences as they explore paradise:



Feeling the urge to pack your bags and join us? We don't blame you, girl! With our expertly curated trips, you can leave the planning to us and simply focus on living your best life in the Jamaica

Taste the Tropics Information Session


May 2023

Location: Webinar

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Discover the Luxe Badies community and our expertly curated trips. Leave the planning to us and focus on living your best life in Jamaica. Sign up for our information sessions to learn more about our upcoming luxury experiences and exquisite cuisine tours. Don't miss out on this opportunity to indulge in the best of Jamaican culture.


Come learn more about Melanin Luxe, Food and drink tour, Excursion experiences, and so much more!

Our Story


In 2021 I channeled my love for luxury, champagne, and exotic destinations to create Mel Luxe. As one of the most influential Black women in travel, I am dedicated to curating luxury trips that will change the way you think about travel... and give you the opportunity to make memories in the most unimaginable places on earth. Ashley loves to travel, have fun with other beautiful black women, and enjoys the beauty tasting new foods and enjoying the taste of wine.

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Bri Drosin

"Less than two weeks until I'm on someone's international beach with Bob Marley in a Kini celebrating my besties birthday.
Huge thank you to Geechee Mack owner of Melanin Luxury Travel for coming through again! Book her for your next getaway!
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