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Luxury Awaits: Join our Sisterhood of Baddies

Light Your Passport Ablaze: Discover New Destinations and Unforgettable Adventures with Black Women

Picture're getting ready to set sail on the elegant waters of the Aegean Sea...


You've been island hopping through Greece with a group of Black women you just met, but y'all have bonded with one another like old friends...


They're waiting for you to join them on the boat holding up a glass of red wine just for you.


We're Mel Luxe, the baddest tribe of Black women bosses traveling the globe experiencing luxury accommodations, exquisite cuisine, and unforgettable adventures in style.


Our goal is simply to expose Black women to the beauty of the world and the world to the beauty of Black women.


That's why we handle EVERYTHING, and all you do is travel, experience, and snap pics. We're Black women creating trips for Black women.


We have travel experts who ensure your trip is flawless by securing flights, booking 5-star accommodations, and arranging extravagant foodie and local tours...


We make it easy for you by letting you pay online, creating payment plans, and providing online roommate matching.


Experiences make us who we are, and they're 10x better when we share them with other people, especially when it's a community of Black women who share the same culture as you.


When you join the Mel Luxe Baddies you'll be joining other Black women who share your passion for the best life has to offer – the champagne, the caviar, and spa trips. You'll network and bond over wine tastings, shopping trips, and 5-star cuisine.


We share the same dreams as you do—for you to bask in the warm caress of the sun, feel the gentle island breeze on your skin, witness breathtaking nature spots, and indulge in mouthwatering local delicacies.


So, c'mon, baddie the soft, glamorous life is waiting on you.

Thailand Foodie Tour
March 2024
Image by Charlotte Mary Rose
Morocco Tour
May 2024
Image by Nick Karvounis
Portugal Experience 
July 2024
Image by Ilse Orsel
Florence/Tuscany Experience
September 2024
Image by Timo Wielink
South Africa Tour
March 2024
Image by Ángel López
Girlfriends Getaway Panama
June 2025
Image by Raphael Nogueira
August 2025
Jamaica Taste the Tropics 
November 2023
Image by Denys Nevozhai
Paris/Reims Experience 
June 2024
Image by KaLisa Veer
Amalfi Coast Tour
August 2024
Greece Tour
October 2024
Image by Julian Yu
India Experience
May 2025
Image by Alex Azabache
July 2025
Image by Ilse Orsel
Florence/Tuscany Experience
July 2025
Image by Patrick
Greece Foodie Tour
August 2025



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