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A luxury travel group for black women


Mel Luxe Travel is the high-end travel agency designed for the Black Professionals. Mel Luxe will introduce you to new parts of the world, hidden gems, and your luxe dream destination.. What makes Mel Luxe Travel special is our exquisite cuisine tours. The food is often the best part of every trip. Our itinerary plans incorporate food tours and restaurant stops at the best locations at our destinations. Through great food, luxurious experiences, and peace of mind, Mel Luxe Travel will give you the trip of a lifetime.


Our goal is simple ... exposing Black women to the beauty of the world and the world to the beauty of Black women. We create unique customized group tours. Our tours are developed by Black Women for Black Women. These tours are designed for mature "young at heart," well-heeled urbanites interested in exploring new lands while indulging in the local culture, international cuisine, retail therapy, and exciting nightlife.


Mel Luxe begins the planning of each tour from scratch with a unique vision, pen, paper, maps, and a plan to maximize the time spent in each country. With curating 10+ travel events throughout the year We create creative flair and "can do" attitude, to a reputation for designing one-of-a-kind travel experiences with the special needs and desires of fun-loving progressive is one of a kind. Established in 2021, we continue to move to greater heights every year. Throughout the year, our community of travelers happily participates in international events and bring a sisterhood of community travelers together.

The experiences that are gained and shared through travel are priceless, and we can’t wait for you to join us!

Why Choose Us?

What makes Mel Luxe Travel unique are the food tours, sisterhood, and luxury experiences. There is no shortage of fun, photos, and videos to take you through the trip. Mel Luxe curate immersive luxury travel experiences. From taking care of luxury accommodations to curating luxury themes for your content on social media, preparing travellers for culinary destinations, providing online payments, providing online roommate matching to select specific itinerary we have what it takes to provide you the best for soft life.

So, what’s stopping you from making the best decision of your life? Are you ready to grow your black women sisterhood? Connect with likeminded professionals? Activate your foodie experiences? Then Mel Luxe is what you need for your luxury immersive experiences. Living in the moment visiting 5-star restaurants on the trips, or the one of kind excursions perfect for luxury seekers looking to connect with others and explore new destinations.


Whether you're coming with your travel tribe or joining ours, we guarantee an unforgettable experience. We know exactly how to use the magic of traveling to transform your experience and give you a lifetime worth of thrill and luxury. 


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our mission

Our mission at Mel Luxe is to offer luxury immersive experiences and exquisite cuisine tours destinations where black women professionals can bond and don't have to travel on their own. We want women who travel with Mel Luxe to knock new destinations off their bucket list and enjoy their glam experiences like a boss.

ABOUT the Founder & CEO

Ashley had a vision, and she set out to actualize it. She wanted to host unforgettable, luxurious culinary travel experiences, but it seemed like it would never happen. However, Ashley has always been someone who would never give up easily. Through the stress and frustration, she worked tirelessly to create a travel agency that would stand out from the others as a culinary agency. She was consistently met with lackluster results and trips that just couldn’t sell out. Efforts to reach out to seasoned travel industry professionals yielded no positive results as they were unwilling to lend a helping hand.


In 2021 I channeled my love for luxury, champagne, and exotic destinations to create Mel Luxe. As one of the most influential Black women in travel, I am dedicated to curating luxury trips that will change the way you think about travel... and give you the opportunity to make memories in the most unimaginable places on earth. Ashley loves to travel, have fun with other beautiful black women, and enjoys the beauty tasting new foods and enjoying the taste of wine.

Exposing Black women to the beauty of the world and the world to the beauty of Black women.


Image by Gabrielle Henderson

Unlock a World of Luxury and Connection

Are you ready to embrace a life of luxury, adventure, and sisterhood? Join the Mel Luxe Baddies and become part of an exclusive community of empowered women who are redefining the art of travel.

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